Postal Mishaps & Mystery Liquids: Received from Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Taiwan, & the U.S.

Foghorn Leghorn here is at Magic Mountain in Southern California, but the sender is from Queen Creek, Arizona. She sent the card to me in a swap-bot “cartoon animal postcard” trade, and she writes:

I have never been to Magic Mountain, but this ride looks like a lot of fun!

I have never been there, either. I’ve driven past many times, but when you are in that neighborhood, well, for me the correct amusement park destination is always Disneyland.

postcard 296

More toons: the caption on the back of this card tells me it is Mr. Muddle:

Poor Mr. Muddle just couldn’t get anything right. Everything he did, everything he tried, everything he said was muddled.

I know the feeling, I do. This is another swap-bot trade–“children’s book illustration postcard,” this time–and it’s from a swapper in Glencoe, Oklahoma. He writes:

My mom is a retired kindergarten teacher. I grew up on Mr. Men & Little Miss books. I enjoyed your movie review blog. I’m glad someone else enjoyed Ra.One!

postcard 298

Someone from Slavkov, Czech Republic was assigned to me by Postcrossing, and she sent me the Pooh card. Unfortunately, some postal mishap claimed a large section of the message portion–peeled it right off. It’s a shame, because from what I could tell, she was actually writing a very substantive, friendly message. The mostly-blank cards always make it intact.

Another regular Postcrossing draw, this one from a sender in Taipei City, Taiwan who says he likes traveling and photography. Isn’t the idea of a “wind-power park” interesting? I was intrigued–and I really like that piece of crab art–so I looked it up. It’s right by the sea, it’s got recreation & performance spaces, and those 7 windmills generate enough electricity to power the park for four hours after dark. Better still, there are more sea creature mosaic statues! Isn’t it cool to learn new things through Postcrossing?

postcard 297

That dolphin image is…interesting. I certainly prefer it to a photo of a dolphin in a swimming pool. I received it from Hong Kong, via a Postcrossing Forum trade of sea creatures cards. As we transition into the stamps, stickers, & washi tape portion of this post, let me express my appreciation for the BACK of the last card, which has a lot going on. I was about to express how much I am enjoying that Green Spot soda sticker, but when I initially looked it up, it turned out Green Spot is a booze. That didn’t seem right, so I tried again, & found the soda. So much learning!

I also really like the avocado stamp from Taiwan. Do you have any favorites this time?

postcard 299

Sent to China, Netherlands, and Taiwan

My “traveling postcards” list on Postcrossing has been getting quite low, so I decided to draw three more addresses.


The tiger card goes to Utrecht, The Netherlands, to a train conductor who uses a tiger photo as her profile picture.  She includes in her list of likes cats & cute illustrations.  She also encourages people to make postcards for her out of the packaging of foods sold in their home countries, which is right up my alley, but I think the only packaging I have around right now amusing enough to postcard-ize is from an imported product.  That’s right: I have no Froot Loops boxes laying around right now.

The old post office building at Children’s Fairyland is on its way to Swatow, China, to a Postcrosser who expressed an interest in famous landmarks, old buildings, or things we consider special.  Children’s Fairyland, on Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, celebrates its 65th birthday in 2015, and was used by Walt Disney as inspiration as he was planning his own family-oriented theme park. The post office was decomissioned, but the building lives on as a place for visitors stop and create some art to take home.

Doraemon is heading someplace where he is sure to be recognized: Taipei City, Taiwan. The recipient said she likes cute characters & ocean views. She did say she’d like famous characters from the sender’s country, but this is the character who demanded to be sent out today!