Only a Monster Would Do That: Sent to Czech Republic, Japan, Taiwan, & the U.S.


The scene from the Monterey Bay Aquarium is going to a swap-bot member in Belton, Missouri.  She’s a turtle lover, so that’s why the sea turtle card.  The swap theme was the book we are currently reading, so I told her about that: “The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America,” by Michael Eric Dyson.

The cathedral goes to Vejprty, Czech Republic, to a Postcrosser who expressed interest in arts, history, churches and pictures of saints.  I like saints, too.  Saint Bernards.

Tom & Jerry went to Changhua City, Taiwan, in a Postcrossing Forum “last movie I’ve seen tag, and the last movie I’d seen at the time (I sent that card out over a month ago) was “Fan.”

The zebra card went to a zebra lover in Tamaki, Mie, Japan.  I like this person; she’s all about the message part of the postcard:

“I’m happy to receive any postcard from you. It’s a special moment for me when I read the messages.  I’d like to know about your life. Any messages would be interesting for me even if it seems very trivial events for you. It would be also nice to hear what you’re doing now, for example, writing while drinking a hot chocolate or waiting while baking cookies! 🙂 Or, how was your day? How did you spend it?”

All I wrote on the card was “Happy Postcrossing!”

Just kidding!  Only a monster would do that!  I wrote about someone I know with the same last name as her, and then I went on to tell her what I would be doing that day.

Stamps, washi tape, sticker: