Switcheroo, or Double Switcheroo? Sent to Estonia

The cool thing about Postcrossing Forums is that you get to choose the tags in which you participate.  Do you want to send & receive cards made from food packages?  There’s a tag for that!  Cards from a postcard book?  They’ve got that!  Animals? Islands? Ugly cards? Yep, yup, and oh, yez!  So when I tagged a Postcrosser in Tartu, Estonia, in the Snoopy/Peanuts tag, I knew my card would find a good home.

Or maybe not so much.

In her U2U (internal Postcrossing Forum email) to me to give me her mailing address, the person I tagged wrote, “I´m very thankful, if you will change your cards and send to me fauna postcards.”


I went to look at her profile, and asked “WHAT?!?,” again, as I read this line:

“Sry, but i don’t like drawn postcards and also i don’t like postcards with…cartoons…”

HUH?!?  WHY ON EARTH would you enter a themed tag, if you don’t want cards that fit in with the theme?

Further, she wrote to me, “please, if possible, send a card / cards in an envelope.”  Not only against the spirit of Postcrossing, but, as I say in my auto signature on the Forum, I send my cards as the snail mail gawdz intended: written & stamped.


Here’s the card I sent:

postcard toon Peanuts Charlie Brown Schulz Museum

A backside?  Yes, this card has one: and as you’ll see, I was able to give her some fauna.



Wrapped Sweetly: Sent to Estonia

I’m finding that many of the colorful ads from the Sunday papers–that mass which is usually the first thing I fish out & feed to the recycling bin–do indeed have a use: to be repurposed as envelopes!  This one’s going to Tartu, Estonia.


There’s a lot in that box I’d pass up: all of the milk chocolate; all of the rectangular ones, which are hard caramel and/or nougat; most of the round ones, which are soft caramels or sickly fruity creams.  Mostly, I’ll take the chocolate truffles, please.

Inside the envelope went a Beauty & the Beast postcard:


It was in the recipient’s favorites, and this went out in a Postcrossing Forum trade which was all about sending the person you tag a card from their favorites list.  Without much more to say than that, let’s get educational & take the briefest of looks at Tartu, Estonia, thanks to Wikipedia:

Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia.  It’s often considered the intellectual center of the country, home to the nation’s oldest and most renowned university, the University of Tartu. The city also houses the Supreme Court of Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research and Estonian National Museum.  The university was founded under King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1632. Mainly for this reason, Tartu is also–tongue-in-cheek–known as “Athens of the Emajõgi” or as “Heidelberg of the North.”

Tartu is also the seat of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Baltic Defense College, and the Estonian Aviation Academy. Other notable institutions include the Estonian Historical Archives, Estonian Sports Museum, as well as the oldest and renowned theatre in the country, Vanemuine, which has a well-respected ballet company as well as theatre, opera and musical productions.

Okay, back to the envelope: which of the See’s Candies would you grab first?