A cereal world: Sent to Texas, U.S.A.

I cut up a big package of Cheerios this morning to make a postcard for a swap-bot “food package postcard” swap.  It goes to a swapper in Houston, Texas.

2015-09-30 08.57.34

I wrote to my swap partner about the card she is not getting: a panel from an off-brand Cheerios box.  Some grocery store brand, which I told her, if she saw the photo, she’d think looked like cardboard.  I told her it also tasted like cardboard.  Sometimes saving money is not saving money, when all you can think about when you are eating the stuff, is how much you want to dump it in the trash!

A Lingering Odor Amidst the Recycling: Sent to Canada, South Africa, and the United States

2015-09-08 10.35.36

You just know those folks in the lab coats did something horrible in their previous lives to deserve this job.

All swap-bot in this batch, and 3 of the 4 for the “chunk of cardboard” trade.  The fourth is for a swap called “butt-ugly postcard,” and I pulled it from and old book from Klutz Press called “The World’s Tackiest Postcards.”  So glad there have been a couple of swaps worthy of these horrible tacky cards–otherwise, I would have had to mail them to my friends!

Received from Canada & the United States

Two in via swap-bot, in art or illustrated postcard trades:


“Cheers” by Alexander Wolf; “Rhumba Band II” by Lill Tschudi.

The card at top comes from Canada, and the sender jokes that the mice are some fairy tale side show characters, most frequently appearing in pub scenes.

This is downright chatty compared to the writing on the back of the bottom card, which came from somewhere around Houston, Texas.  Here is the entire message:

Hi John,


(name of swap-bot trade, as required)

(swap-bot user name, as required)

Looks happy!

Well, that was definitely less fun than a barrel of monkeys.  I am, as I’ve said, not into this to collect postcards or stamps, but to experience the joy of snail mail, which I thought might include brief peeks into other lives, places, and cultures.  And so it does, so I will shut up–for now.


Sent to Belgium, Ireland & U.S.A.

Four going out on a swap-bot “illustrated postcard” trade; I’ve dipped back into my big box (but no-longer bottomless box) ‘o’ old book cover postcards to select these:


Working clockwise from the top left:

The coyote card is going out to Tongeren, Belgium, where the recipient declares herself to be a passionate reader, so I touched upon the 5 or so books I am currently reading.  The book pictured on this card, by the way–A Coyote’s in the House–was written by Elmore Leonard, so perhaps I should add it to my to-read list!

The Charlotte’s Web card will eventually land in Dublin, Ireland.  Seeing this book cover made me think of the animated film, and I ended up telling my card’s recipient about my love for movie-going, my snarky movie “review” blog, and the two current movies I’m very interested in seeing: “Dear White People,” and “Book of Life.”

The card at bottom right goes to Richfield, Wisconsin.  The recipient’s profile makes her seem like the type of life-lover who would enjoy receiving just about anything, but she did specifically mention the fantasy genre in her list someplace, and this seemed to fit. I stayed on my “Book of Life” thought, and mentioned how much I enjoy Día de los Muertos, and have attended the huge annual community celebration in Oakland, California many times–though I always go early to, you know, avoid the crowd.

Finally, there’s the Treasure Island card, which is going out to Denton, Texas.  The person getting this card said she likes pirate postcards, and she happens to have written a historical novel involving pirates, so I thought this was a pretty safe–and good–choice.

Received from Texas

It’s a “chunk o cardboard,” received through swap-bot!


Berry nice!

It’s a big, roughly-cut chunk, with what seems to be a photocopied shot of a berry glued on.  Very cool!  The sender wished me a happy Labor Day, and added, “I hope you are eating watermelon and burgers…”  No, I don’t enjoy eating the mandatory foods of any given holiday–on that specific day, I mean (holidays sure are bossy about that kind of thing)–but thanks!