Supplementing My Vacation Pics with Postcards: Bought in Humboldt County

Last weekend, I took a trip up north–6 hours north–to Humboldt County, California, to enjoy some beautiful nature.  I saw redwoods, and ferns, one banana slug up-close, and one elk from afar!  At a gas station stop before leaving for home, I bought some postcards.


10 cards in all–just multiples of these 4 images.  The cards will hit the mail, to someone, at some point–but not before I scanned them to add to the trip images I shot!  No way I was going to get a close-up so good of an elk!  Next time I’m there, I’ll seek them out on purpose.  But still probably not get such an amazing close-up shot.

(OH!  I saw a bunch of seals from afar, too!)

Mail Carrier (Pigeon)?

There’s a gate at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) dedicated to “snail mail” and those who bring it to us.  Waiting to greet you:

2015-01-31 21.50.31 Taiwan airport mail bird

More mail-y stuff from my recent travels coming soon, maybe…