Sent to Canada and the United States



A postcard of a taxidermied bear entered my collection, and I absolutely hated it (and it didn’t help that the description on the back is of when the bear was “taken,” and the score its hunter receieved).  I didn’t imagine any scenario in which I might send this to an appreciative recipient–but then came the swap-bot “alter a postcard” trade.  A few clippings from a worn-out Richard Scarry book, and we have a live bear, and a scene that could be out of out of Disney’s old Country Bears Jamboree attraction.  It’s headed for a swap-botter in McLean, Virginia, who–uh-oh–may well hate the new version of the card as much as I hated the old one!

The tuk-tuk card is one I bought a couple of months back while in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I sent it out for a swap-bot “not my country trade,” to a recipient in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I told her that it was awkward for me to enter tuk-tuks–I did so on my hands & knees, every time.

Sent to Finland, Japan, and the United States

A swap-bot, and a couple of Postcrossing…


Swap-bot comes first, with a “not my country” trade. I got the tuk-tuk card in Thailand, and now am sending it to a trader in Palm Coast, Florida.  She says she is fascinated by peeling layers of paint, but not so much by books that one might categorize as “trashy romance and cheap poorly-written thriller garbage or religious.”  I can tell you right now that if you tried to read any of that while riding a tuk-tuk, it might be near impossible!  Plus, you would be missing out on the sights.

The other two cards go out on Postcrossing draws.  That poetry book card goes to Helsinki, Finland, to a user whose profile comes in at a sparse 29 words, saying almost nothing more than she likes pugs, and knitting, and reading poetry.  Oh, good–have this card!

The California coast goes to Hadano, Japan, to a  “Kazakhstani” student studying there.  She said she likes cards with a “view of your country,” and so…