A Pair of Ciphers: Sent to Poland, Russia, & Turkey

3 New Postcrossing draws:


Pinocchio is going to a Postcrosser in Belgorodskaya, Russia, whose long list of likes includes Disney movie posters. She wanted a quote, so I gave her a favorite of mine from Groucho Marx:

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

That was the pleasurable part of this draw; in the case of the next two Postcrossers, I would go so far as to call them ciphers.  There are more words in one of my postcards than there are in both of their profiles combined!

The person in Kozieglowy, Poland, gets the Coplu cartoon because she mentioned “drawing,” and the member in Corlu, Turkey gets the manatees because she mentioned “animals.”  There we go!  Okay, I’ll say this in their defense: both are brand-new Postcrossers, and are about 16 years of age.  It’s to be hoped that as they go along & participate more & read more profiles, they will add more information to help others select a postcard for them, & even more importantly, learn about their lives & cultures.

Magical Places: Sent to Austria & Turkey

I decided to draw two more addresses through Postcrossing.


The view of Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, California is on its way to a couple in Graz, Austria, a city they write is the second-biggest in the country.  This pair portrays themselves as being curious about people & places, and wanting to see views of those places, so I decided to send them this card, what I tell them is by no means the best view of a very beautiful area.   I do have a few “view” postcards in my “to-be-sent” stack, but I chose this one because of current events: an immense underground oil pipeline rupture that has sent more than 100,000 gallons of beauty-marring muck out into a nine-mile stretch of coastline.  This is not just an environmental disaster; Santa Barbara County depends upon tourism–and who would want to go there right now?

The retro, scalloped-edge postcard depicting a bit of Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, California goes to Istanbul, Turkey.  This Postcrosser enjoys cinema, theater and television, and says, I don’t have any particular cards that I would like to receive. Just it would be really nice if you write something about your city or your culture…” I thought she would enjoy reading a bit about this classic park–still alive & well–that served as inspiration for Walt Disney when he was planning a family attraction of his own.

Sent to Taiwan, Turkey, and Ukraine

Three of my own creations heading out, in a new draw from official Postcrossing.

John cards d

Three very lucky people out there in the world!

Clockwise from the top left:

The nice kitty enjoying Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, goes to Hsinchu City, Taiwan.  (“Hsinchu is popularly nicknamed ‘The Windy City’ for its windy climate.” — Wikipedia) The recipient says she enjoys ” traveling , reading, hiking, favorite understanding of different cultural backgrounds,” and she expressed an interest in “strange, funny, fantasy postcards,” so I think this scene make her very happy, indeed.

Tiger on the dunes goes to a Postcrosser in Midyat, Turkey, who is a university student from Istanbul (not Constantinople). As far as an interest list for postcards, she wrote, “I like all cards, but if you have a chance send me a card which make me laugh or amazed,” and then through down a list that included nature, cats, and cartoons.  I think we have a natural fit, here.

Lastly, there is that sweet couple enjoying Lilu’okalani Gardens in the city of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. They’d better bundle up, because I hear it may get cold in Kiev, Ukraine!  The card’s recipient is a 16-year-old who may have a bright future with her city’s travel authority:

“I live in the beautiful city of Kiev (Ukraine). It is very convenient and good. Friendly and friendly people who are willing to help you in any situation. And what to talk about architecture! Ah! We have many beautiful Church cathedrals in the Gothic style. In General, the beauty!”

She also loves dance, and would love to travel to attend the world’s great dance schools.  Her list of postcard likes was long, and I got the idea this card of mine could make her smile, based on a few things she noted:

” As for cards, I love any…Disneyland-related…animals (funny pictures)…waterfalls and water…”

Sent to Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom

A busy day for me on Postcrossing: I let  several of my cards arrive before I replaced them with new cards out, so that I could save a bit of time (in theory) by sending out many cards in one shot.  Six going out today–and a couple of very interesting (you know how I am using that word, right?) recipients for this lot–but let’s get to that in a minute.

2014-12-26 10.26.00

Nope, not a single one of my own silly photo cards going out in this lot. Didn’t seem like the crowd for that.

Oh, wait: this first card goes to one of those “interesting” people!  It’s the book card, going out to Surrey, U.K., chosen because the Postcrosser says she would like cards with “books, or pictures of people reading, or postcards from libraries.” I think it would be so cool if the libraries I use would sell postcards featuring scenes from their facilities!  But I did happen to have this book card, and on it goes.  What makes this recipient interesting-in-quotes is the extensive part of her profile, where she lists expired cards (those she has sent out, that were never registered by their intended recipients), by number, user name, country, and date.  Thirty-five cards, going back to 2011, and this person calling out recipients by name.  Did she ever consider the idea that her local post may be a bit incompetent?

The Box of Delights goes to Utrecht, Netherlands, where its target expresses an interest in “postcards with images that are about enchanted, magical, mysterious, mystical creatures or places; illustrations from fairy tales.” Close enough, I figure!  This Netherlander recently moved from the U.S.  If I were to move elsewhere, it would have to be closer to the Equator. Heck, I don’t even have to leave the country to do that; Hawaii would do!

The Highway One card will wind its way to Zabrze, Poland, where the user expressed an interest in landscapes.  I love taking this road through Big Sur.  Gorgeous.  Even better if you don’t have to be the driver.

Heidi is going to Oelde, Germany.  The Postcrosser said she likes classic books, and I figured maybe she’d like this card.  She also says she likes chocolate, so I am sure she is a lovely person.  Seriously: the only person I can think of who talks a lot about disliking chocolate is not really a lovely person.

The map card goes to someone in Kyiv, Ukraine who said she would like a map card.  Look at the size of that surfer–and the quail that looks big enough to eat him!

Okay, here we go.  Last card.  This is a very interesting Postcrosser.  Excuse me, not interesting–“interesting.” Istanbul, Turkey, by the way.  Sharing no more than 12 words directly about himself, he launched into a wish list that would make Santa blush:

“(((I request…please DONOT send me any cards related with New Year or Christmas)))


I’m a banknote and Mini Sheet stamp and Starbucks gift card collector from Turkey…

it will be a great pleasure for me to receive a card from a friend with whom I’ve never met before..please write a short detail about yourself on your postcard..if you put a banknote sample or miniature sheet stamp or any Starbucks gift card of your country in your envelope I’d be appreciated 🙂


my preferences ;

Babillon Gardens
Chichen Itza
Despicable Me especially MINIONS for my son
Elizabeth Taylor
Greta Garbo
Labrador Sea
Lady Plays Violin
Machu Picchu
NUDITY ( both modern and vintage )
Panama Channel
Patsy Cline
Soviet-era propaganda cards
The most beautiful lady of your country


Ps: Anyone who sents me any banknotes in very well condition belong to the countries below will receive 30 different beautiful postcards from me !!

Oof, oof, oof.  Needless to say, I gave him nothing he wanted (though I found myself briefly wishing I had a fully-used Starbucks card around).  The card I sent–which I like very much–is by a Turkish artist, and I did not put it in an envelope.  I did, though, attach a fun strip of washi tape and a cool ink-stamed image!  What I wanted to do was withdraw this fella from my “send-to” draw, but I didn’t see that option. Net win for him.

Any postcard drama in YOUR life lately?