FOOOOOD! Received from Belarus, China, & the U.S.

I tend to receive a lot of food-related cards.  Here are three of the most recent!


That big, happy burger card was fashioned from the cover of a pad of stickers, and it comes from a swap-bot member in Trenton, New Jersey as part of a chunk of cardboard recycled content postcard trade.  When you look at the other photo, you’ll see one of the stickers.  The sender of this card tells me, “my husband & I have a large toy museum in storage until we can find a suitable, affordable location!”  I can’t wait to see that!

The other two cards are regular Postcrossing incomings.  The babka is from Minsk, Belarus, and the sender tells me:

“People say that Belarussians are very calm and hospitable.  We like guests.  That’s why we have our own cuisine.  Our most famous dish draniki, but this one may be even more tasty.  Hope you can cook it.”

And now for something I really like!  From Hefei, China comes that wonderful assortment of xiaolong bao, soup, and more.  The card’s sender tells me:

“I’m a food enthusiast.  Do you know one food that a stick of sugar-coated haws?  It is very delicious.  Next Monday is our Lantern Festival.  I will enjoy sweet dumplings.”

I have never had sugar-coated haws, have you?  I’ve certainly had draniki, and made it it many times myself (though I know it by a different name).  What’s your favorite food from today’s post?  I’m calling XLB!

Stamps, stickers, & postmarks:


Double Chunk: Received from the U.S.


A trio in via swap-bot:


“Aged Vanilla” — that’s my rap name.

The big card with the people on it is from Fort Myers, Florida, and the sender refers to the person responsible for this colorized, captioned image: “I am a big fan of Nick Bantock and his offbeat sense of humor… I’m also a fan of the Naughty Little People series, for the photographer’s irreverent and humorous take on sometimes risque situations.  I like things that surprise me while also making me laugh or causing a wry smile.”

The other two are chunk-of-cardboard trades.  By the way, you should see the stack of rescued-from-the-recycling “chunks” I have right now, ready to cut into postcard-size.  Heck, I guess you WILL see them at some point–if you stay tuned.

That panel from a package of tempting-looking chocolate comes from somewhere around Savannah, Georgia.  This swapper asks me, “have you ever listened to ‘La Mer’ by Nine Inch Nails?  It is a beautiful instrumental piece of music!”  I love the puffy fish stickers on the back of her card.

The cream soda card–and take a hard look at the scan & see the embossing–came from a swapper in Saint Paul, Minnesota, who says, “for 2016 I would like to do some decluttering around the house.”

Stamps, stamps, stickers, washi tape & embossery:


As a sea life fan, I love those puffy fish stickers.  As an elephant lover, I hate that stamp & the circus it represents.

84-day-old Dill Sauce: Received from Czech Republic & U.S.A.


Golly!  I did a double-take after I registed that Postcrossing card on the right, and learned that it took 84 days to get to me! It was sent by someone living near Kladno, Czech Republic, a distance of 5,812 miles from me.  I have a traveling one that I’ve been stressing about; it’s been out on its way to the U.K. for 38 days right now.  I wonder whether the sender of the card I received today has been wondering about its status, or if she finds that’s been the norm for the cards she sends.  She has a chihuahua named Marshmallow, if that is any possible clue as to the answer.

She tells me this recipe is for dill sauce.  I put the recipe’s title through Google Translate, and it told me the language was Hindi.  After I set it straight–only then–it confirmed this is indeed a recipe for dill sauce.

The Buenos Aires postcard came from a swap-botter somewhere near Phoenix, Arizona.  She writes:

“Have you ever been to Argentina?  I went last summer and loved it!  We also got to go to the beach in Uruguay.  What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?”

Stamps & postmarks:



It’ll Nearly be Like a Picture Print by Currier & Ives: Received from Netherlands, Taiwan, & the U.S.


The picture print by Currier & Ives comes from Dallas, Texas, in a swap-bot “I wish I was WHERE?” trade.  The sender answers the question this way:

“I live in Texas and very seldom see snow, so this is where I would like to be.  I would like to spend 2 weeks enjoying the snow, sleigh rides, long walks and sitting in front of the fireplace relaxing.  Quite a difference from the 70s we are experiencing now.”

In the 70s? I guess Texas is where I would rather be right now!

From new New Taipei, Taiwan comes the pastoral scene, labeled as being from Cingjing Farm.  The sender writes:

“I’m a student who majored in English.  Traveling around the world is one of my dreams.  Taiwan is a beautiful island.  There are many delicious snacks and food in Taiwan.  Have you ever tried some food in night market?  You should have a try next time you visit Taiwan.”

Finally, there is the seal, my favorite of the three cards.  It came to me from a Postcrosser in De Bilt, Netherlands, who tells me:

“Love spending summer vacations in Great Britain, watching British murder mysteries, cooking, photography, shopping for nice cards for Postcrossing.  Every now & then I select some of my best photos & order postcards to be printed professionally of those photos for Postcrossing.  Do you do so too?

The answer, by the way, to the two questions posed by the last two correspondents, is “yes.”

Stamps, etc.:


Crunch-tastic: Received from Taiwan & the United States

The latest mail brought a train, and a ship’s crew!


Let’s start aboard the ship, for an arrival through swap-bot’s chunk of cardboard trade, from a fellow swapper somewhere near Trenton, New Jersey.  I have mentioned many times here how much I enjoy making & receiving postcards from recyclables–it’s just fun.  Cereal boxes, I think, make for great postcards, and I’ve repurposed them in this way since way before I’d ever heard of such amazing things as swap-bot & Postcrossing.  The sender of this card wished me a Happy New Year, and tells me she has set a goal for herself to write or take a photograph each day.

The train card came from Taipei, Taiwan, via a Postcrossing Forum “Taiwan Meets the World” trade, in which Taiwan is Taiwan, and I am the world.  I would nitpick about the lack of a message on the back of the card, but for two things: first, the sender admits in his profile that his English is bad; and second, this card, which from the rear reminds me of the outline of a manatee, is so small, and the manufacturer has printed an image all over the space not allocated for the stamps & address.  It negates the whole purpose of sending a postcard!  I have reprinted the entire card below, omitting only the address & user name.


(Great stamps, BTW)

A Hat on the Human is Worth 3 on the Birds: Received from Hong Kong, Mexico, & the United States

Three incoming!
The card at top left came from a Postcrosser in Hong Kong, and she says its from a new shop that opened near her apartment: “they were giving out some nice post cards!”  I took a look at the site, and saw an image similar to the postcard!  The sender also tells me, “I hope you enjoyed some dimsum and egg tarts in Hong Kong.  Egg tarts are my favorite!  Also, egg waffles, so good!”
Hey, it’s the Three Caballeros!  I love those guys!  That came to me from Seattle, Washington, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “Request a Disney Card” tag, in which participants were to list the Disney-related cards they would like to get.  Would you like to see my list? Well, I will show you, anyway:
Chip & Dale
Huey, Dewey, & Louie
Uncle Scrooge
Anyone in the Donald Duck Family
3 Caballeros
Bre’r Rabbit/Bear/Fox
Oswald the Rabbit
Horace Horsecollar
Clarabelle Cow
That bottom postcard depicts Palacio Municipal in Zapotlán, Jalisco, Mexico, and the Postcrosser who sent it lives in Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico.  He has been Postcrossing for TEN YEARS!  I didn’t even know it had been around so long.  Speaking of Hong Kong, & things I like, he was given some Doraemon stickers at a supermarket in HK, and affixed them to the back of my postcard.  You’ll see them below (they are shinier in real life).
A good round for stamps, stickers, & even drawings:

Those ink-stamped characters, the HK Postcrosser tells me, mean travel.  The duck at the bottom traveled from Seattle.

Personally Impersonal–but Mostly Impersonal: Received from Brazil, Germany, & the United States


I’ve got an issue, & you know I’ll get to it, but let’s start with the two top postcards:

Do you see that funky card?  It’s postmarked from San Francisco, California, and is mine thanks to a swap-bot trade of “ad/free” postcards.  This one had been printed on both sides, so the sender affixed labels for her message & my address.  She writes, “…I’ve never actually tuned in to this program–I’ll have to give it a try!”  I haven’t heard it either, though I have tuned in to the station.

The cloudy view is from Hamburg, Germany, via Postcrossing.  The sender writes, “…in front you see Blaukeuese, a western area of Hamburg.  It is a former fishing village which in 1301 documented the first time was mentioned.”

Okay, here we go.  The card on the bottom, from São Paulo, Brazil.  It’s apparently from a Postcrosser with whom I’ve had postcard interaction in one direction or the other.  Let’s flip it over:


SOOOO much empty space, waiting to be filled.  What is that pasted over on the left side?

Hmm… let’s take a closer look at the text:


“Hi,” yourself!

How nice it is to stay connected?  Sincere?  A bond?!?  I have had pizza advertisement fall from out of my newspaper that seemed more heartfelt & personal than this!  I’m afraid that if you do not actually write a single thing on your postcard, you have not made any connection at all.  All of that empty space makes me weep, figuratively speaking (this reminds me of a certain swap-botter from whom I received another cold postcard this week, but I’ll address that in a later post, if my heart can handle it).

It is a crazy world.

Stampy bits:


Get that Ice Cream Offa My… Received from Russia & the United States


That postcard up top is called “While He’s Sleeping,” and the artist is Daria Danilova.  I don’t know why the bunny is rubbing the ice cream on the fox, and it would probably be rude of me to ask.  The card was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and she tells me:

“I’d like to tell you about my plan about celebrating New Year: my husband and me will celebrate it on the train. 🙂 It will be my first time.  Hope it will be interesting and unusual.  :)”

That other card was sent to me as a part of a swap-bot “free/ad postcard” swap, and was sent by a swapper in the San Bernardino, California area.  I had never heard of Bridgeport, so I had to look it up.  It’s a tiny place near the Nevada border.  Had you ever heard of it?



Leaving an Impression, & Also Jane Gluster: Received from Germany, Hong Kong, & the United States

Three interesting ones today, so sayeth the me:


I was immediately impressed with that chunk of cardboard that came to me from Saint Paul, Minnesota, via swap-bot.  The cereal that was once inside the box probably had fiber, but this card has texture!  The sender writes:

“I’m having fun with my embossing machine.  I like the dangling ornaments.  It’s cheery.”

I like it too!  You’ll probably be able to make out the design better in the second of the two images I’ve posted.

I also really like that Hong Kong postcard.  I’d identified the city from the street signs, before I even noticed it says “Hong Kong” right there on the upper-left corner.  Wish I were there right now.  Well, unless it’s cold.  I don’t want to me anywhere cold, including where I am right now.  This card, and the cool stickers on the back, came to me thanks to a Postcrossing Forum “Hong Kong to the World” tag trade, in which I am “the World” half of the deal.

That super-colorful Nutcracker card was sent to me by a Postcrosser in Regensburg, Germany. She writes to me about books she enjoys reading.  I thought she was telling me about someone named “Jane Gluster,” but after getting in a rather heated argument with Google, I decided what she wrote must have actually been Jane AUSTEN.  Oh, believe me, you would have made the same mistake; some of her writing is very curly!  Let’s try to get through the whole “book” part of her message:

“I’m love reading too.  My favorite genres are historical or mysterious novels, and I’m a great fan of Jane Austen! I’m waiting for the new book from Libba Bray, in Germany it will appear shortly before Christmas.”

Stamps, stickers–and also perhaps a better look at the embossing:


Hey, that postcard has a HUGE Chip on it!

Stinking Marshmallows! Received from France & the United States


Mickey!  I got him from Portland, Oregon, thanks to a Postcrossing Forum Disney tag trade.  The sender shared a quote she attributes to Mickey Mouse:

“Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do.”

I only just now realized he probably did not mean that in a malicious way.  I guess I identify way too much with Donald.

Bob the Lucky Charms Guy came to me from Iowa in a food package postcard trade, and the sender tells me:

“Sadly, at 41, Lucky Charms are still my all-time favorite cereal.  I love those stinking marshmallows.”

In thanking her for the cool card, I shared the fact that I missed out on a lot of cool cereal toys as a kid because I dislike marshmallows.  Only recently did it dawn upon me that I could have gotten some exercise by picking all of the “stinking” things out & carrying them out to the trash.

Lastly, from France, thanks to Postcrossing, come those views of Provence.  The sender tells me:

“I love nature, animals, dancing and music.”

Stamps!  The character on that French one makes me think of Egyptian gods.