Like Cats & Dogs: Sent to Lithuania & Thailand

Sending out another 2 Postcrossing cards:


Snoopy & Woodstock are off to Bangkok, Thailand, and I am jealous.  I told the recipient about my trip earlier this year to her city, & how I loved exploring the wet markets & night markets, and how I especially loved all of the wonderful, plentiful fresh fruit.  No, it’s not at all the same here in California.  I also told her, since she did specify a desire for Snoopy cards (something even more rare here than an ever-present, abundant variety of super-delicious & cheap fresh fruit), about my trip out to the big Megabangna mall, especially to visit the Charlie Brown Cafe.  It was there, in fact, that I found & purchased my first set of Peanuts postcards.  This is my second-ever Postcrossing card to Thailand.  I have yet to receive one.

As for Lithuania, I have sent 3 and received 5.  This will be my 4th out, I guess, to the city of Vilnius, to a 47-year-old mother to 5 children between the ages of 6 and 23.  She claims to still have time for hobbies, including traveling, handicrafts, & Postcrossing.

Sent to: Japan, Lithuania, Slovenia & U.S.A.

Two of my Postcrossing cards have reached their destinations:

The card I sent to Scotland reached its destination after traveling 6 days and 4,936 miles.

My Germany-bound card landed after 6 days and 5,709 miles

So now, I get to mail out two more cards! Going out to Tokyo, Japan & Vilnius, Lithuania:

postcard020 MORRO BAY

Let’s make that another two rounds of “The Usual!”

*  *  *

In swap-bot news, the latest trade is for aerial views of a city or town.  Going out to far-away Kamnik, Slovenia & nearby Daly City, California, it’s one copy each of this card:


I love that this town has no-chain-nothin’, not even a Starbucks. I also love that modern conveniences are just a 5-minute drive away!

Sent to Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, and its largest city, with a population of 539,939. Vilnius has some of the highest internet speeds in the world, with an average download speed of 36.37 MB/s and upload speed of 28.51 MB/s. — Wikipedia

The card I sent to Worclaw, Poland has arrived!  It traveled 8 days and 5,828 miles.  Now, I get to send out another card through Postcrossing.

The recipient of my card mentioned a love for local artists, so I sent this image by Narboo, of Seattle, Washington:


If you ever spend time in Seattle, you are sure to see this guy ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE.