Sent to Thornlie, Australia

Here is the fifth of today’s 5-partner “sender’s choice” postcard assignment from swap-bot.  As I mentioned earlier, one of my partners had already been assigned to me for a swap just days ago.  I suspect he may be surprised–and even perhaps a tad annoyed–to be hearing from me again!


The user mentioned in his profile he enjoys Americana, including “folklore and cultural heritage.” I would say Tom Sawyer counts, how about you?

Did you know that Mark Twain wrote sequels to Tom Sawyer?  I recently finished Tom Sawyer Abroad.  Just awful.



Sent to Thornlie, Australia

In my 2+ weeks in the hobby of semi-organized snail-mailing, today’s assignment marks my first postcard to Australia–and my first to a man!  It seems women make up the great majority of swap-bot & Postcrossing users.


The user mentioned that he collected postage stamps, so I reached into my big box of old book cover postcards & pulled out this. He also likes photos of tourist scenes, but as I’ve mentioned, my embarking on this project seems to have practically made touristy postcards disappear in this area!

This mailing (and the one I’ll posting following this, a card to Belgium) are for a swap-bot trade called “Happy Quote Postcards.”  For both cards, I used a favorite quote of mine, from Groucho Marx:

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” 

As I told my correspondents, I love dogs, books, reading, and Groucho Marx.  If you will look up his quotations, I think you will find a lot to make you laugh.  Try it!  

Do you have any favorite quotations?