19,344 Apart: Received from Germany and Germany

Lots of Postcrossing cards flying out of Germany–and TWO of them landed in my mailbox today!


Mickey w/a gun from Henstedt-Ulzburg; sushi from Winnenden

I love that Disney one so much.  Keeper.

The 2 cards were assigned to their senders by Postcrossing a week apart, and their registration numbers are 19,344 apart!  Busy German Postcrossers!

I looked up Postcrossing stats; Germany isn’t #1 in number of members, but those people do send out the most cards!  Here is Postcrossing’s Top 10 list of cards sent out by country:


The Top 3 here (omitting my country, the U.S.), does match the top 3 countries from which I receive cards, but not so much after that.  I could stand to receive a lot more cards from Taiwan & China!

And glancing on down the list, let me say that Postcrossers in the countries further down really need to prompt everyone they know to join!  Those of us at the top few slots are getting sick of each other, and I am unanimous in that.

Catching Up: Sent to Belarus, Canada, Finland, Germany, & the Netherlands

So much catching up to do, after a need for computer repair left me for weeks with a frustrating, limited device (or as some people call it, a tablet).  Five out through Postcrossing today!

2015-09-25 17.24.12

Since I have a lot of catching up to do, I’m not going to offer the amount of detail I usually attempt, but I’ll make a couple of brief notes about the cards & stamps.

The three illustrated animal cards come from “The Animal Box: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists.”  I do quite like the sea turtle stamp.  I should also note that the Postcrosser in the Netherlands specifically said she likes flamingoes.

The Postcrosser in Finland said she would, more than anything, like postcards that are “weird, bizarre, tacky, strange…” and so I pulled that meaty card from an old Klutz Press book, “The World’s Tackiest Postcards.”

The remaining, beautifully-photographed, card is my own work.

A couple of the outgoing cards are affixed with a small stamp collection, as you see below.  I try to use as many stamps as possible to get up to the current $1.20 international rate when the Postcrossers say they are fans of stamps.

2015-09-25 17.28.16-2