TWENTY! Count ’em! Sent to Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, & the U.S.

Sooooo many postcards to share–of course, they were sent off over the course of several weeks. Take a look & tell me what your favorites are–and stay tuned ’til the very end for the stamps, stickers, & stuff. Here we go…

Dreaming by the sea, this crew is off to Taipei, Taiwan.

John cards a (1)

Elephant & Piggie are going to Orange, NSW, Australia.

postcard toon Eric Carle Museum Elephant and Piggie we are on a postcard

President Linus–one can only dream! Off to Itomi, Hyogo, Japan.

postcard toon Peanuts Vote Linus

Franklin & Linus go to Gunma, Japan.


I don’t know where this book-filled postcard came from, but it’s been in my stash for a long time, and now it’s off to Tianjin, China.


A food package postcard, going to Beijing, China.


An awful movie! Off to Saitama, Japan.

postcard a movie Wedding Plan


Out by request to Lübeck, Germany

postcard a map 7b

It’s a wacky map, and it’s going to a map lover in Tokyo, Japan.

postcard a map 5

Donald & friends will land in Shanghai, China.

Disney Micky gang California is so cool

I clicked on the “advertising card” tag, and sent this card for KFJC (I had to look it up) to Yokohama, Japan.


This scene from Redwoods National & State Parks goes to Cronulla NSW, Australia.

Coast Redwoods tree ring

This beautiful sea otter is on its way to Yonago, Tottori, Japan.

postcard California Sea Otter

This card from a Thai restaurant will go to Foshan, Guangdong, China.

postcard Kin Khao produce

Captain Hook will go to a Disney lover in Hokkaido, Japan. This being a USPS postcard, the stamp on the back matches.

Disney Captain Hook USPS

As much as I enjoy using Postcrossing Forum, it’s faster to just click “send a postcard” on the regular Postcrossing site, or its imitator, Postcard United. I happen to prefer the latter, and I have clicked a few times…

Snoopy on ice going to a warm place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

postcard toon Peanuts Snoopy hockey

This Kliban Cat is skating toward Perm Krai, Russia.

Kliban skate

The beautiful San Diego Central Library goes to Annandale, NSW, Australia.

San Diego Central Library full

Charlie Brown will cry his way all the way to Dazu, Chongqing, China.


Uh-oh, a U.S. address came up! This beautiful scene–another from Redwood National & State Parks–will go to Van Dyne, Wisconsin.


Time for stamps, stickers, & washi tape…

2018-09-29 07.49.49





Okay! Be sure to check in.

Received from Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States

What a haul!  Five cards arrived in one day, including one of my favorite cards I’ve ever received (I’ll give you a hint: it’s Astro Boy)!


The gnomes on the beach came to me from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a swap-bot “alter a postcard” trade (I shared the altered card I made here a few days ago). This piece was made by the person who created the trade, and I thanked her for both the card & the trade, which was a lot of fun.  I’m going to slap a new back on this card & mail it to a friend in San Francisco, California, who for some reason loves gnomes.  Share the wealth!

Lawzy, but that Astro Boy card is awesome.  Can’t tell it from the scan, but it’s got muted colors & a matte finish.  It was the first card coming out of the mailbox to catch my eye, and for the rest of the cards–even the funny gnomes–this was an impossible act to follow!  It came to me from Tokyo, Japan in a Postcrossing Forum “Japan-world” tag thread, in which one sender comes from Japan, the next someplace else, the next Japan, the next someplace else, etc.  This is a real keeper!

The spices came to me from Switzerland via Postcrossing.  Did you know Switzerland’s country code is CH?  I had to look it up to see what that was all about.  No, it’s not short for chocolate.  The country’s official name is  Confoederatio Helvetica.  There is a story behind that, but I’m only explaining why the country code is CH.  As you might be able to tell, this is my first postcard received from Switzerland.  The sender’s message made me laugh:

“I don’t like water, sea, lake, whatever. I prefer the winter with a lot of snow. 🙂 And I like eating, but not cooking.”

I laugh because there is no way that she & I would run across each other in real life!

The dunes are in Lithuania, but the card was sent to me from Netherlands, thanks to a swap-bot “not my country” trade.  The sender tells me, “I also like vacations with water and coasts, so we often go to islands.”

Lastly, there are the dolphins, part of a swap-bot “book lovers” trade, and mailed to me from West Virginia.  The user lists some favorite books: The Rosie Project, Drowning Ruth, Wild, Half Broke Heroes, Gone Girl, Caught (by Harlan Coben),Molokaʻi, mysteries by Steve Hamilton, and We Are Liars.

Stamp party!


Received from Russia & the United States

Both swap-bot & Postcrossing this time:


Two loons-a-swimming came to me from Neenah, Wisconsin, in a swap-bot exchange of bird postcards.  The sender told me that when she sent this late in February, the temperature was -17F.  NOT FOR ME!  She also said that she has not seen any loons for the past two years, but that she knows they visit from Canada.

The other two cards are both Postcrossing arrivals, both from university students, both from Russia. The sender of the b&w card says she is studying economics, and the sender of the fruity card tells me she works with children, and this her first card!



Sent to Belgium, Ireland & U.S.A.

Four going out on a swap-bot “illustrated postcard” trade; I’ve dipped back into my big box (but no-longer bottomless box) ‘o’ old book cover postcards to select these:


Working clockwise from the top left:

The coyote card is going out to Tongeren, Belgium, where the recipient declares herself to be a passionate reader, so I touched upon the 5 or so books I am currently reading.  The book pictured on this card, by the way–A Coyote’s in the House–was written by Elmore Leonard, so perhaps I should add it to my to-read list!

The Charlotte’s Web card will eventually land in Dublin, Ireland.  Seeing this book cover made me think of the animated film, and I ended up telling my card’s recipient about my love for movie-going, my snarky movie “review” blog, and the two current movies I’m very interested in seeing: “Dear White People,” and “Book of Life.”

The card at bottom right goes to Richfield, Wisconsin.  The recipient’s profile makes her seem like the type of life-lover who would enjoy receiving just about anything, but she did specifically mention the fantasy genre in her list someplace, and this seemed to fit. I stayed on my “Book of Life” thought, and mentioned how much I enjoy Día de los Muertos, and have attended the huge annual community celebration in Oakland, California many times–though I always go early to, you know, avoid the crowd.

Finally, there’s the Treasure Island card, which is going out to Denton, Texas.  The person getting this card said she likes pirate postcards, and she happens to have written a historical novel involving pirates, so I thought this was a pretty safe–and good–choice.

Sent to: Canada, England, and U.S.A.

NINE cards out in one day!  Various swap-bot trades: tourist postcard, non-touristy postcard, favorite animals, and something that starts with an F (that’s the football to the head in the top row).


Took a little day trip down the coast last week & finally picked up some decent touristy postcards.

Here’s the list of destinations for these cards:

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Ryton, Tyne and Wear, England

–and all in the U.S.:

Woodville, Alabama

Clovis, California

Brandon, Florida

Clermont, Florida

Fall River, Massachusetts

Round Hill, Virginia

Oshkosh, Wisconsin