Going Heartless: Received from Canada, China, Indonesia, Ukraine, & the U.S.

Ooh, how about that top row?  I love those two cards!


The first card is from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and part of a swap-bot “Upcycled Cardboard” exchange.  The swapper writes:

“I enjoy this swap so much because it’s cheap, recycling, and requires creativity.  It’s from snack box, the brand is SMAX.  Actually, I don’t really like the taste of this snack, LOL.  I hope you’ll like it (I mean the postcard. 🙂 )

I know how she feels!  Once you get the idea of using packaging as postcards, you look at your grocery basket in a whole new way!

Snoopy!  I always love finding Snoopy in my mail box.  That’s from Cindi in Hawaii, and you gotta scroll down & look at all of the cooooool stickers & stamps on the other side.

The second row of cards both came to me due to a swap-bot “Disney postcard” trade.  The fireflies are from “The Princess & the Frog,” and the card was sent to me from a swapper in Alberta, Canada, who writes:

“…I’m about 3 hours from Jasper National Park & the Rocky Mountains.  It’s my favorite place to go…”

The Toy Story card is from a sender in Chicago, Illinois.  This guy left so much white space on the back of the card, I can hear the wind blowing through.  He writes:

“I remember seeing this film when it came out in 1999!  Take care,”

That’s it: the greeting, then that, then the signature, then an expanse of white space that represents about half or more of the card’s writable area.

If you know swap-bot, you know it’s a ratings-based system, and you may know I cringe every time it’s ratings time on the ‘bot.

Every time I send out something for swap-bot, I go for that heart, the “extra-special” rating that I think should be so easy to achieve, that I don’t understand when I don’t earn it.  The same week that the half-written card previously mentioned to me, I received a swap-bot rating for the  doubly-free card I sent to Minnesota.  It was a heart-less rating.  Here’s what I’d like you to do.  Look at this card, front & back, and let me know what I should have done to earn that heart.  Let’s begin with the swap instructions:

Send 1 free/ad postcard to your 1 partner. Theme of the card can be anything, no offensive though. Senders’s choise. It would be great that the card has some room to write your greetings. Add at least the swap name and your Swap-bot name! Send written and stamped.

Okay, now here is my card, back & front:


Lots of stamps, long substantive note, ink-stamped images & washi tape… what else, then? Should I start taping cash to my postcards, or what?  Please do help me out, here!

On the flip side, when it comes to being the person doing the rating, my policy is to err on the side of generosity: I INTEND to give the heart rating, and only withhold it in the rare cases when the sender is clearly hardly straining toward the bare minimum.  Like, for instance, on the nearly-empty card I described previously.

Oh, those swap-bot nerves…

Moooooving on…

Bottom row: the book with leaf card came to me via Postcrossing from Chernihiv, Ukraine.  The sender tells me that she is a web developer, but in her free time she prefers needlework.

Finally, we come to the terracotta warriors.  This comes to me thanks to a Postcrossing Foum Far East to America tag, from a sender in Guangzhou,China.  Here is what she has to say:

“This’s Terracotta Warriors, which was established by Qin Shi Huang and listed in UNESCO, is located in Shanxi Province, a famous ancient province in China.  This series of postcards is rare, since the seller said this’s only presented to the foreign reporter as a gift.  But I send one of them to you and want you to learn more about China.  Maybe the color is a little wierd, but it’s acceptable, right?  Maybe you should visit there one day!”

By the way, I found this History Channel write-up, 5 Things You May Not Know About the Terra Cotta Army.  The piece of info about Qin’s burial complex that really stuck with me?  “So far, archaeologists have uncovered a 20-square-mile compound…”  Whoa.

Taking a peek at the backsides– stamps, postmarks, stickers, & washi tape:



We Eat Ham and Jam and SPAM a Lot: Sent to Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, & Taiwan

And so it came time to draw more Postcrossing names!  Oh, and enter another Postcrossing Forum tag trade.  Of note today: I have mailed out 2 of my very last “Postcards from Puffin” children’s book cover cards!  This is the box that was all I had when I initially began Postcrossing, and now I have one single card from that set left.  Oh, the box is full–as I’ve purchased other cards to use in my snail mailing, they have gone in–but there is only one of the original cards left to go out.



The beautiful tiger is bound for Taichung, Taiwan–to a classroom full of students! An English teacher at a language school has been Postcrossing with her students for over 5 years.  She writes that they range in age from elementary school to college.  I tried to write very neatly, since I was aiding in a language exercise.

We’re Knights of the Round Table
We dance when e’er we’re able
We do routines and gory scenes
That are too hot for cable
We eat ham and jam
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot

— Spamalot

These knights are off for Gelsenkirchen, Germany, to a woman who wasn’t sure what to write about herself, so she copied & pasted her city’s Wikipedia entry, instead.  Actually, though she didn’t write a LOT about herself, she did much better than many profiles I’ve seen: for instance, her hobbies include baking, biking, cooking, reading, skiing, and traveling–and those details are just for starters (although that is most of it)!

Have you read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books?  I haven’t, yet, but I have seen a couple of the movies.  Oh, and I have the bendable toys.  The card is making its way to Viljandimaa, Estonia, to someone who actually wrote less about herself that my German friend above, but wrote enough about the postcards that she’d like that I feel I actually know… the postcards that she’d like to receive!  She did write that she has “a special interest in books,” saying, “anything related to that will make me glad,” so I gave her this, one of my most special book postcards.

Oakland for Yogyakarta, Indonesia!  This card was part of a “what did you do today” Postcrossing Forum tag trade.  Seeing as I tend to write my cards early in the morning, I wrote about what I did the day before, which is visit Kehoe Beach along the Point Reyes National Seashore.  I’ve made a lot of day trips to different spots in Point Reyes.  It’s quite far from me–2 hours-ish–made all the farther by the fact that it’s all so remote and wind-y.  It’s all justifiable, though, thanks to an exceptional ice cream shop in the general region.

It’s a great day for stamps, stamps, sticker, & washi tape: