It’s as if she KNOWS me… Received from Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Taiwan

Received from China, via a Postcrossing Forum tag

I’m spending less and less time on this particular blog, though I seem to be spending a lot more time at Postcrossing! While I started this WordPress to log all of my cards–even the ones I wouldn’t be keeping–that certainly hasn’t proven to be the case. SO, as is mostly the way these days, Today I present mostly cards that I love (starting with some lovely pinnipeds).

If you have time to leave a comment, I’d be interested in hearing how you Postcross (/Postcard Unite)!

Isn’t this great? It came my way from Germany, and with a “seehund” stamp, too.
More pinnipeds, these sent from Luxembourg
A bottlenose dolphin from England!
Received from China. The sender told me that if I’d like to see Giant Pandas there, the best choice would be Chengdu.
Another panda from China, this one from Anhui.
Received from Finland. I do love squirrels, though I don’t feed them, as does a friend of mine.
Received from Germany
I love this! Received from the Czech Republic. How interesting, huh? A Czech postcard, depicting an Antiguan stamp, depicting an American attraction.
A cool Doraemon postcard from Yokohama, Japan!
Received from Germany via Postcard United
I love this one I received from Prince Edward Island, Canada!
Received from Gujarat, India via Postcard United
Received from Taiwan
From Augsburg, Germany. Does this person know me?

Please let me know what your favorite cards are! Happy Posting!


Cathy Does Not Make Me Say “ACK”: Received from Belarus, China, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, & the U.S.

Another long stretch of Postcrossing (and Postcard United) to partially share! Do you have any favorites here?

Received from Germany via Postcrossing. I love it! I’ve been holding on to a similar one for a long time, not sure I should part with it. Now I can send it out into the world!

I love this Donald Duck postcard I received from a Postcrosser in the Netherlands via a tag thread. The postal system trail seems to have been long and winding: the card took nearly two months to reach me!

Cathy just arrived from Salem Corners, Minnesota, via a Postcrossing Forum trade, and I am more thrilled than even makes sense. Sure beats a “For Better or For Worse” postcard, right?

I always enjoy receiving a Doraemon postcard, and I really love this one that cam in from Suwon, South Korea via Postcard United.

More Doraemon! I got two of this card: one from Japan, one from Finland.

Received from the Netherlands in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade. Love it!

postcard image of DE-11085491
This beauty came to me from a Postcrosser in Germany

Received from the South of France

postcard image of DE-11072910
Received from Germany. I love this pair!

I love red pandas! This came in from a Postcrosser in India, via a tag trade.

This is what cats see when they act that certain way. Received from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

From Mississippi, U.S.A., via Postcard United

postcard image of SG-364439
I love this card from a Postcrosser in Singapore who writes, “Our food tend to be on the spicy & stronger flavour side. You might have tried dishes like chili crab & chicken rice.”

postcard image of CN-3280578
This is a fun one! The scan doesn’t do it justice.

From Minsk, Belarus, from a Postcrosser who said she was making a TikTok about writing this card. She also said she was currently reading Fannie Flagg’s book, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe.
postcard image of CN-3233413
From Shanghai China, a small shaped card featuring taro balls with herbs (sweet)

postcard image of DE-11147572
I like this chill trio who came to me from Hessen, Germany.

Received from Japan, via Postcard United

postcard image of CH-589306
From Switzerland: “This is the Axen Road, an 11 km long road which was build into the steep cliffs in 1865. You can see a part of Lace Lucerne and the village Flüelen. Today, there is a modern Axen Road for car traffic. The old road on this card is now reserved for hikers and bikers.”

Received from Shanghai, China, via Postcrossing
postcard image of RU-8830609
The Russian Postcrosser who sent me this card tells me it’s from Karlsson-on-the-Roof. The character started as a book by Astrid Lindgren (also the writer of Pippi Longstocking), and became popular as an animated character in the Soviet Union.
postcard image of BE-793593
Another card with holiday vibes, this one is from Belgium.
postcard image of DE-11269840
This is the Hamburg Maritime Museum, and I see it is absolutely the gigantic propeller that makes this (both the postcard and the setting).

postcard image of DE-11384796
Received from Lower Saxony, Germany

Stamp Math, + Some of my latest favorites, received from Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, and South Korea

U.S. Postcrossers, how are you doing with the latest increase in stamp rates? This, plus my recent discover of old discounted postage for sale, has resulted in my doing a lot of math lately to get the right amount of stamps on each postcard — and often, it’s resulted in my running out of space to fit the stamps across the top of the cards!

Some postcard manufacturers barely leave enough room for a small single stamp in the corner of their cards. I wonder sometimes if the people designing the back of the postcards ever actually send cards. How do you handle the challenges?

My mailbox has been very happy, though: so many cute animals & cool ‘toons! Check them out…

postcard image of JP-1589842
This beautiful otter came to me from a Postcrosser in Okinawa, Japan.

postcard image of DE-10913969
More wonderful sea creatures, these from Germany. A funky scan of a great card.

Uh-oh: watch out, seals! This beauty came to from a Postcard Uniter from Poland

In from Japan, on a Postcrossing Forum tag. I love it!

And I love this gorgeous pup, received from the same Postcrosser! She says it’s an Akita Inu, known as the “Busakawa dog,” meaning “unattractive but very cute.” I find it both attractive and cute.

Also received via a Postcrossing Forum tag, this time from Russia. I’d love to have these two beauties riding in my car!

More beautiful creatures! These shore birds came to me from a Postcard Uniter in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

postcard image of RU-8765975
Just 3 days after a sunset stroll during which I saw a family of raccoons coming out of the woods, I received this lot (no relation) from a Postcrosser in Russia!

postcard image of IT-615897
This gorgeous beach scene came to me from Lissone, Italy (near Milan) — though by the time it reached me, the card seemed to have had a bite taken out of its bottom left corner!

postcard image of SG-361143
From a Postcrosser in Singapore. The Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore’s oldest temple, and you really should see it!

postcard image of FI-4041680
Received from Finland. The sender translates Snoopy’s thought: “An inspiration can surprise at any time (although sometimes it wears off before it gets off to a good start).”

postcard image of PT-723981
Received from Portugal, love it!

postcard image of CA-1142473
Cool cubbies! From a Postcrosser in Ontario, Canada.

postcard image of DE-10966274
These fish came to me from Germany.

postcard image of GB-1444722
From England, some beaches. The Postcrosser who sent this to me says he got the card while on a trip to Scotland, but did not visit any of these beaches.

postcard image of JP-1591675
From Chiba, Japan

Received from South Korea via Postcard United

A First! Received from Belarus, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, and Taiwan

I just received what I think is my first postcard from Costa Rica! Have you ever? This came via Postcard United, and posters there are so few, the ID code was only 3 digits: less than 800.

Playa Guanacaste

On to the rest of the postcards, all from countries I hear from much more regularly–please tell me which cards are your favorites!

postcard image of SG-353940
This card is so delicious. It’s my favorite from a day where I received 6 postcards. The sender identifies herself as a Lithuanian living in Singapore, and writes about the Singaporean food she loves: “kaya toast, mee siam, mee rebus, bak kut teh, ban mian, and century egg porridge. I love most of the food, basically.” She asks how many times I’ve visited Singapore (3), and what foods I’ve liked the most (chwee kueh, popiah, and just about everything else, too).
postcard image of TW-3193066
Sunset in Taiwan. Not a great scan of a beautiful sunset.
Love this seal! It came my way from a Postcard Uniter in Wölfersheim, Germany.
postcard image of CH-560468
Another beautiful seal, this time from a Postcrosser in Switzerland!
postcard image of RU-8575819
Received from Sochi, Russia. Love this little guy!
postcard image of JP-1550662
From Japan, and — wow, it’s an official Postcrossing send from someone I get tagged by sometimes on the Postcrossing Forum! A rare thing.
postcard image of DE-10662536
This cat, from Germany, came in the same day as the dog from Japan. The sender says this cat belongs to a friend of their daughter. Great photo!
postcard image of DE-10675204
I always like receiving a Peanuts postcard! This one is from a Postcrosser in Speyer, Germany.
Cooooooool Disney card! Received from Finland via a Postcrossing Forum tag.
postcard image of DE-10774711
Hey, it’s ROWLF! Sure, when it comes to the Muppets, Sesame Street is my sweet spot–but I do have some favorites from the Muppet Show, including Statler & Waldorf, and Rowlf, here. This card came my way from a Postcrosser in Germany.
postcard image of HK-750141
Received via Postcrossing. Makes me miss traveling.
Another card received in a Postcrossing Forum tag trade, but this one from Netherlands.
Received from Japan, via a Postcrossing Forum tag
postcard image of TW-3189744
From a Postcrosser in Hsinchu, Taiwan
These delicious chocolate truffles came via Postcard United from Wohnbach, Germany.
This delicious card came my way from a Postcard Uniter in Japan. Even better, though, was the postmark!
postcard image of BY-2780395
This Postcrosser in Belarus saw that I had a birthday coming up!
postcard image of CA-1121312
Received from a Postcrosser in Vancouver, Canada, who tells me this card is from a “Classic Toys” postcard set she received from her sister in Scotland.
postcard image of DE-10731717
Flying hippos, from a Postcrosser in Germany. Hmm.

In other posting news, I recently found that old, unused postage can be purchased from sellers online at below the printed rate. They’ve been making the backs of the cards I send much more interesting–but they’ve been slowing me down a lot! I’ve been photographing them, and may even show them at some point.

Happy Posting! Be careful out there, and keep your nose well inside your mask, please.

I can hardly wait

WOW, just saw these new stamps due to come out from USPS sometime this year!

Otters! I love them! I tend to head to the coast to see sea otters. I tend to avoid places cold enough to have snow.
Day of the Dead / Día de Muertos — I’m a fan. These are beautiful!
! ! ! Can’t say I’ve ever seen U.S. postage stamps quite like these. They remind me of Uglydoll.

Needless to say, I’ll be buying lots of each.

Postal delays and such: sent to Brazil

Finally, another post of the postcards I have sent out! Today, that’s because the recipient took a photo and sent it to me.

These were sent via Postcrossing Forum tags, and yes, there was just one recipient here. Nope, I didn’t riddle a user with tags (one or two here were actually reverse tags); these were sent over the course of about 40 days (May 16 and June 26)! Received all at once, though, by the Postcrosser in Brazil. Odd, huh?

Just a little bit of the postcard reaction sent to me from the recipient, in regard to the cartoon properties here:

To tell the truth, I’ve never read the Addam’s Family, just watched the cartoon but still enjoyed it a lot. Now I need to look for the comics hehe. I became familiar with Peanuts when I was a kid, I watched movies with the gang and really enjoyed it. After growing up, I still loved the comic strips and even bought some of the book collections.”

Do you have any favorite postcards here? I’d love to receive any of them, personally.

Nanu-Nanu Bars: Received from Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and Thailand

Okay, time to press “publish” again! This post, once again, represents nothing more than a few weeks’ worth of postcards received via Postcrossing and Postcard United — but only the cards whose images were uploaded by their senders, because I have reached a very lazy time-saving phase of this blog: no taking pics of my own (and that includes stamps)!

The only organization here, really, is that my favorites are more or less around the top. What are YOUR favorites here?

Hope you are doing well & staying safe. Happy posting!

postcard image of DE-10398126
From Germany. I’m always happy to see an otter! The sender decorated the back with an otter stamp, sticker, & even return address label.
postcard image of DE-10403160
A lovely bunch of walruses, received from Germany.
postcard image of BY-2739506
A lovely pair! Received from Belarus
postcard image of DE-10450013
I really love this image of Charlie Brown & Linus I received from a Postcrosser in Bremen, Germany. The big, close-up focus is just so great.
postcard image of CN-3094038
This postcard came to me from China, & it is delicious.
postcard image of TH-333673
Wow, so rare to receive a postcard from Thailand! You should see the wonderful stamps on the back — but even the basic posts I’ve been submitting lately are time-consuming enough.
I received this funny card from Kirov, Russia, by request. The sender writes, “I never thought that someone will pick this card. It’s a bit strange, but I like it, too. These toys are from a children’s show called ‘Goodnight, Kids.’ Every child in Russia born or grown up in the 90’s knows who they are: Stepashka, Mryusha, Karkusha, and Filya.”
postcard image of GB-1407080
Received from Oxford, U.K. The sender tells me that she is supporting a local artist who lets people download his art for free. She contacted the artist, Joshua Squashua, to get his blessing to print his work on postcards. He agreed, and as a thank you, the sender raised some money for a homeless charity he supports.
postcard image of NL-4980697
Received from Netherlands
postcard image of CA-1117017
Received from Canada
postcard image of RU-8473828
This cute hedgehog is from a new Postcrosser in Russia, who is also a postal worker who admits to “having looked with interest at small messages from all over the world.” Glad I don’t write anything too scandalous on the cards I send out, how about you?
postcard image of RU-8412959
From Saint Petersburg, Russia
postcard image of DE-10530377
Krtek the Mole & friends, Received from Munich, Germany.
postcard image of NL-4972357
Received from Netherlands
postcard image of DE-10625479
Received from Germany
postcard image of RU-8542024
Received from Petrozavodsk, Russia
postcard image of BY-2752319
Received from Minsk, Belarus. The sender says, “Belarus is a beautiful country. It has many rivers, lakes, and forests, rich flora and fauna.”
postcard image of RU-8453376
Received from Tula, Russia
postcard image of CA-1105182
I received this card from a Postcrosser in Canada, and I think I shall have to make these delicious-sounding nanu-nanu bars! The card’s sender tells me the dish originates from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, where she lives.
postcard image of BR-552982
Received from Brazil: “Based in a waterfall in the south of Brazil among your favorites, I decided to send you this postcard with mountains.”
postcard image of CN-3123764
Tilt your head to the left. This one came from Taohuatan, China (via registered mail!) The sender recommends this place in the Anhui province, saying, “there are lots of beautiful sceneries, delicious food, and the air here is very fresh.” I really do look forward to safer travel again…
postcard image of GB-1384489
Now tilt your head to the right. This has arrived from the U.K., and the sender tells me it’s “a very apt postcard seeing as the rain is currently pouring outside after a weekend of sunshine. Typical!”
postcard image of CZ-1809745
Received from the Czech Republic. The sender wrote a lot about his country, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to read much of it, due to the tight cursive writing. This has happened pretty often lately.
postcard image of RU-8401593
Received from Russia
This in from Poland. If the town name sounds familiar to you, it may be because the sender’s daughter played volleyball there, and her team won the championship.
Received from Russia
postcard image of RU-8401594
Received from Udmurtia, Russia. The sender writes, “We have a joke. It’s cold for 3 months, and the remaining 9 months are very cold!” Well, I would hate that, seeing as I don’t even like to see photos of snow.

I pretty much just pasted 15 postcards and then hit “publish” — Received from Belgium, China, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, and Taiwan

Here are a fraction of the postcards I’ve received since my last post. Whether received via Postcrossing or Postcard United, the one thing they all have in common is that the sender scanned and uploaded their image, thus giving me something to copy and paste into this space once I’d registered them!

Do you have any favorites?

postcard image of DE-10390734
Received from Germany, & I absolutely love it. Love getting Peanuts postcards, and this is just about the best! Great close-up image of Lucy & Linus.

postcard image of FI-3912143
Looove this one from Mikkeli, Finland. It came with a Donald Duck (AKA Aku Ankka) stamp, too!

Oh, this one is so cool! Received from Taiwan, with lots of cool rubber stamps from the various members on the back. To be honest, though, what I miss on a Postcrossing Meetup card is always the message from the sender(s).

postcard image of DE-10219433
Not the 1st time I’ve received this card lately, but fortunately, I love it! Just in from Germany.

postcard image of DE-10381189
Also from Germany, also loving it!

postcard image of DE-10339944
A nice coastal view, received from Germany

postcard image of DE-10364576
What an interesting background! I love this otter postcard, received from Germany.

postcard image of BE-755911
Astro Boy flew in from Belgium!

postcard image of NL-4914715
Received from Netherlands. The sender tells me that she wishes she could tell me the food there was amazing, but it’s not. She DOES stand up for their bread: “The bread is amazing, though. That’s what I really missed when I was abroad. Cakes and bread. The profiteroles on the front (of this card) are also really nice.”

Received from Wuxi City, China. Not really sure what’s going on here. What would you make with cherries & assorted nuts?

Received from Germany

From St. Petersburg, Russia I feel like this image keeps getting bigger, taking up more space every time I get back to it, which I guess might be considered funny in a horrifying way.

postcard image of RU-8389519
Far out! Received from Moscow, Russia

postcard image of FR-1392234
Received from Lutterbach, France

Received from Russia

Postcards from all over: received from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherland, Russia, Spain, and the U.S.

This is the laziest post ever: “composed” over the course of weeks from cards received via Postcrossing & Postcard United, selected not according to whether I liked them, but whether the sender scanned the image for me to copy & paste! I mention my favorites below; what are yours?

postcard image of BE-741592
From Brussels, Belgium
postcard image of ES-639484
From Barcelona, Spain
Oh, I like this! Received from Germany
postcard image of RU-8256820
Received from Russia
postcard image of AT-532686
Received from Austria
YUUUUUMMMM! Received from China
postcard image of BY-2733453
From Minsk, Belarus
postcard image of LU-73501
From Luxembourg: “Never give up!”
From Dalian, China
postcard image of NL-4890006
From Groningen, Netherlands. Another card I really like!
Yet another great one! Received from Finland.
postcard image of BE-749088
From Belgium
Sweet! Received from Russia
postcard image of IE-209951
Received from Dublin, Ireland. The sender writes: “Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. We don’t do things like pinching people for now wearing green. I find this American custom very strange. ” SAME.
Love this one so much! Received from Russia.
postcard image of DE-10294110
From Germany, another card I love!
postcard image of DE-10281613
Another one from Germany… this makes 2 Postcrossing cards from Germany received the same day.
Received from NY, USA: “One of my favorite American foods is chicken wings. I like my chicken wings with rice (because I’m Filipina) and a mixture of soy sauce and lime.” Oh, me too.
postcard image of AT-537743
From Austria
postcard image of DE-10280748
Whoa! This one came to me from Germany.