Dropping the Recycling in the Mail Box: Sent to Brazil, Germany, & the UK

The beginning of another month means it’s time for another swap-bot Chunk of Cardboard trade, my favorite thing on that site!  I had my recycled “chunks” all cut & ready to stamp, write up, & mail off.


This month’s batch is going to:

Immingham, England

Porto Seguro, Brazil

Regensburg, Germany

Stamps, stamps, stickers & washi tape:


Recycling & whatnot: Sent to England & the United States

Four cards sent out today, in two swap-bot trades:


The dragon card was originally sent to me with some other cards in an envelope for another swap-bot trade.  Now it is going out to Auburn, California in a “free postcard” trade.  Since it has been years since I have stumbled into any of those racks of free ad postcards, I am grateful to have anything at all to send out in a trade such as this.

The remaining cards are going out in one of my favorite ongoing swap-bot trades, the “chunk o cardboard.”  As the name implies, all that is required is that one mail out a chunk of cardboard…

…for the swap’s host in Saint Paul, Minnesota, though, I try to send something special.  I created sea life postcards in sextuplicate a couple of months or so ago; I think this may be the third of the batch I am mailing out.  The others I have sent are posted on this blog, too.  I’m always happy for a chance to be paired with this member, & thank her for creating a cool swap.

The ginger ale is going to another swapper with whom I’ve been paired more than once in the past; she’s in Immingham, England, and though I am sure she’s encountered ginger ale, I have no idea if it would have been Canada Dry.  All of a sudden, I have a great thirst for Schweppes.

And its famous Schweppervescence.

Back to the U.S., the dog treat panel is on its way to a swapper in Goleta, California. I tell her I wasn’t sure if my dog would go for this new product, as she doesn’t usually like snacks with what I’d call a “plastic-y” texture.  Well, I needn’t have worried.

Sent to Canada, Netherlands, & United Kingdom

These are all swap-botty things…


Hey, I see in putting these together to post, I’ve got a Popeye-y thing going on! Can the remaining card be thought of as a Charlie Brown tribute?

The card at upper left goes to Goes, Netherlands, where the recipient mentioned a desire for “funny/weird” postcards.  I thought this sample of my beach photography might please.

Below that is a card bound for Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  I think this user expressed an interest in art cards, so I pulled out this piece I received in another swap-bot trade, in which users stuff 3-5 postcards in an envelope for their swap-partners’ use.  With my postcard’s target living in a place called “coquitlam,” I couldn’t help but think of the coqui frog–and I told her so.

That Oreo cookie/Popeye Spinach mash-up is for a “chunk o cardboard” trade on swap-bot, a chance I always value for some fun recycling.  Popeye meets Cookie Monster, in a panel of a box of treats I bought for Halloween visitors, and a bag of spinach I wouldn’t have dared offer trick-or-treaters!  This goes out to Immingham, United Kingdom.